New Time Ensemble

New Time Ensemble is an eclectic mix of musical styles and personalities, with Irish traditional music at its heart. Fresh and innovative!” – Sandra Joyce, Irish World Academy of Music and Dance

Simultaneously traditional and innovative, New Time Ensemble weaves an articulate tapestry from the rugged threads of Irish dance tunes.

Formed in Ireland while its members pursued advanced music degrees at the University of Limerick, New Time Ensemble emerged from a shared passion for animating old tunes in new ways. Their unique sound combines “honed technique [with] porch-jamming earthiness.” (Broomfield Enterprise)

The band released their first CD, A Year in Ireland, in 2010, and has subsequently toured in Ireland, Scotland, and England, as well as the United States. New Time Ensemble has performed at the United States Embassy in Dublin and they have also shared the stage with legendary Irish singer Michael Black.

“New Time” suggests giving old melodies new legs in a new era. Audiences in Ireland and abroad have welcomed the sound and seem to agree that New Time Ensemble comes just in time.

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