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A web developer by day and a folk cellist by night, Liz loves a challenge and a good project. Ten years, two music degrees, 3 bands, hours and hours on the road, and two toddlers later, Liz decided it was time for a new adventure. She enrolled in DevMountain’s bootcamp and learned the ropes of front-end web development, working in Javascript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Foundation, UI-Grid, Angular Materials, WordPress, GitHub, and Firebase. She stayed on as a mentor, then joined a team of developers at Red Pepper Software, where she currently works on a variety of projects that stretch her every day!

The Bridge: A New Musical

A custom wordpress site.


Angular JS, Firebase, HTML, CSS


Custom wordpress with CRM plugins, HTML, CSS

Font-end work with Angular JS, Javascript, bootstrap, scss, css, html.

Red Pepper Software