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“Liz is a rising star in the Celtic music scene, and she is revolutionizing the use of cello in performance.” —Natalie Haas

"The Irish Cello Book and CD does the impossible!"
—Eugene Friesen

“I've been asking Liz Davis Maxfield to write the The Irish Cello Book for years and finally she has written a wonderful book on Irish tune playing."
–Renata Bratt

"A tremendous amount of research has been put into [The Irish Cello Book] and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to know the inner workings of playing Irish traditional tunes."
—Abby Newton

"[Liz's Book] is a great book for any cellist who wants to become proficient in playing Irish tunes!”
—Natalie Haas

"I’m very excited about Liz’s book, and I wish that there were more books like this for the cello! It features clear explanations of what makes Irish music Irish, as well as how to best adapt it for our instrument!"
—Mike Block

"[Liz] has created new ways to use the cello in the context of folk music, blending perfectly and making significant rhythmic and harmonic contributions to an ensemble."
—Eugene Friesen

"[A Year in Ireland] is brimming with sonic vibrancy!
—James Filkins

"Almost as though she's seated in the captain's chair of a musical starship Enterprise, cellist Liz Davis Maxfield is on a mission to boldly go where few other cellists have gone before."
—Cody Clark

a year in ireland

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